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San Francisco Chamber Music Society: The Fresk Quartet, 1978

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San Francisco Chamber Music Society: The Fresk Quartet, 1978

Published February 27, 1978

The Swedish ensemble, the Fresk Quartet, made its San Francisco Bay Area debut in 1978, performing string quartets by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johan Wikmanson, and Claude Debussy. The Fresk Quartet was formed in 1965 by four young students from Stockholm and spent the next decade performing through Northern Europe, the Soviet Union, Canada, and Australia. The Quartet specializes in works by Swedish composers including many contemporary composers, and has recorded a number of albums for the Caprice label, including one of arrangements of traditional Swedish folk music. This concert was recorded on February 27, 1978, at the Firemans Fund Forum in San Francisco. After the concert, host Steve Wolfe, had the opportunity to speak to the members of the Quartet about how and when they formed, their recent American tour, and their interest in playing music by contemporary composers. That interview is heard during the intermission of this broadcast.

Run time 113 min


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